Our Dog Friendly Cottages – Hind’s, The Byre, The Turnip House

Dog Friendly Cottages – A code of Conduct for dogs

  1. We allow one small/medium dog in two cottages, The Turnip House and The Byre and two in Hind’s – all at our Field House Farm site and we can only allow dogs here, if they have been booked in advance.
  2. If your dog has any issues with cats then you must notify us prior to booking and we may decide to ask you not to bring your dog to stay.
  3. We charge £5.00 a night for your dog and reserve the right to ask you to remove the dog from the site if it continually disturbs other guests, the livestock, poultry or farm animals in any way.

Staying at Field House Farm Cottages with your dog

  1. We are a working farm so we keep livestock – chickens and a small herd of cows with their calves.
  2. The animals are kept in barns in the winter, but are outside in the fields in warmer months.
  3. At all times your dog must be fully under control and on a lead.  We expect our guest to follow the Countryside Code at all times.
  4. We will show you  appropriate places for your dog to be “off the lead”. Please remember that many areas close to the farmyard serve as habitat for wildlife including hares, rabbits and deer. Please supervise your dog at all times.
  5. On arrival please keep your dog on a lead while you unpack and get your bearings. It’ll take a few minutes to get to know the site and we’ll show you where best to walk with your dog.

Looking after both your dog and our cottages

  1. We ask that dogs are not allowed to go into any of the bedrooms or climb onto sofas, chairs. If need be, we can provide a stair-gate to help control where your dog can go within your cottage.
  2. We will also provide a large dog towel if needed and we do ask that you help us by keeping your dog as dry as you can, making sure you do not use any towels intended for human use.
  3. Please ensure that after muddy walks, you use the outside tap within the courtyard and the dog towel provided.
  4. It is absolutely vital that you pick up after your dog, whether that is around the farm buildings, cottages or the farm fields. Please dispose of “poops” in the outside green bin (definitely not the blue or brown bins). You will find a supply of “poop bags” under the sink in your cottage.
  5. If you are bringing a puppy we ask you to ensure that it cannot chew furniture or anything else within the cottage. You may feel that a “cage” is the right thing to bring with you.
  6. You must not leave your dog or puppy alone with free run of your cottage. If you have brought a dog crate then you may leave your dog alone for a short period, (providing it does not bark/whine and disturb other guests).
  7. On departure please give your cottage a basic clean and remove as much dog hair as you can. If properties require serious additional cleaning we will have to charge a £50.00 fee to cover the costs