Covid Response

Covid 19 protocol at Heritage Escapes

  • We hope to open our properties, as soon as regulations allow us to. But we do have to abide by the Covid Protocols as advocated by our industry and insurers.
  • Our properties will be deep cleaned between guests, paying attention to well used surfaces such as light switches, TV remotes, door handles, taps and the like.
  • Soft furnishings may be removed, in the case items such as cushions and throws, or sprayed with antiviral chemicals in the case of bedheads, curtains, sofas and chairs.
  • Bed linen, towels and tea towels will have been ‘hot’ washed and stored for several days before use.
  • We will ask guests to help our processes by being alert to potential hazards.
  • We ask all guests to follow the Covid advice observing hand washing, not touching their faces, wearing of masks as appropriate, social distancing and being careful at all times.
  • We would ask all our guests to help us on their departure by stripping beds and placing all used towels and linen into designated bags.
  • Placing all rubbish into plastic bags and placing in appropriate bins as detailed in your property information guidance.
  • Please leave your most recently used cutlery and crockery in the dishwasher and set it to wash.
  • Leave promptly at 10.00 am (or before) and not arriving before the designated time as detailed in your arrival information
    •  This will help protect staff and give them time to affect the level of cleansing needed.
  • We plan to put additional cleaning materials in our properties, including hand sanitiser, if available, but we also ask guests not to ‘overuse’ strong chemicals as, say, an excess of bleach down the drains might affect the septic tanks on the farm properties or perhaps spraying sofas which might bleach colours.
  • The usual ‘meet and greet’ at our coastal properties  will, sadly, be more distant.
  • An information sheet with the most frequently asked questions and answers will be laid out in each property.
  • If we can get the up to date information, we will try to include ideas as to which pubs and eateries are offering their services plus which attractions are open.

We regret that some of the small additional features that we have prided ourselves in offering during “normal times”,  might appear somewhat absent in the current climate. But we remain, as always, dedicated to the welfare of our guests, our staff and of course our own family.

Here at the coast, we will, of course, still be around and happy to chat at any time even though at a greater distance and we do believe that both our cottages and apartments in the  East Yorkshire countryside, or York City Centre, offer a safe holiday environment in these troubled times.