Welcome Baby Calves. Spring Arrivals at Field House

Happy news – baby calves this February

We’re always delighted to welcome a new calf into the world and this February we’ve had several arrive. They are a joy to watch as they struggle to their feet for the first time and wobble towards their mum to suckle.  Our cows and their babies are safely tucked up in one or our barns, just close to our farm cottages at Field House and can be easily viewed  by our visitors.


Cow and her new baby calf suckling

Mother cow and her new baby calf in our barn at Field House. Baby calf suckles for the first time        

Spring arrivals on the farm

Cows have been part of the scenery here at Field House for a very long time.  We used to have a full dairy herd, but this was dispersed in 2002 when we developed our holiday cottage business here at the farm. Now we retain a small herd and their offspring. In winter they are kept inside a large, airy barn and in the summer  they happily graze the pastures that surround our cottages.

They are a constant delight to our visitors and provide our guests with the chance to understand and get close to farm animals – something that is part of our  everyday lives,  but is quite different for many, especially if they live in towns and cities.

Mother and Baby cow and calf in our barn at Field Housee

Mother cow protectively watches over her new calf