Our RSPB Garden Birdwatch Weekend

Being part of the RSPB March Garden Birdwatch Weekend

Here at Heritage Escapes we enjoy taking part in the great RSPB Garden Birdwatch Weekend.

Living in such close proximity to  RSPB Bempton Cliffs  it’s impossible not to take an interest in seabirds, as they are such an important part of our local environment. But we love our garden birds too.

We value our field and garden birds highly and enjoy feeding and watching the birds that visit our garden, our courtyard and our lovely area around the wildlife pond. Our garden has several largish trees and plenty of shrubbery which provides good cover and nesting areas, so we’re delighted with the variety of these lovely creatures that happily feed just outside our kitchen window or on the lawn.

Strangely enough, just when you decide to spend an hour studying them, all  the least common ones decide to fly elsewhere! What did we spot this Saturday?

  • large numbers of sparrows – both tree sparrows and house sparrows
  • one friendly robin
  • one male blackbird
  • two great tits
  • three of four blue tits
  • a group of wood pigeons
  • several magpies
  • a wren
    RSPB garden birdwatch

    Friendly wren on James’ workboot earlier this January. We don’t know if little fellow was part of the garden watch, as he flew away shortly after  his photo was taken.

    We heard a woodpecker drumming on Saturday morning, but as we didn’t see it we didn’t include it on the list.