Wonderful wildlife in East Yorkshire

Beautiful wildlife photos from East Yorkshire

Wildlife at High Barn and Field House

East Yorkshire is a very rural county, home to an amazing variety of wildlife. June is the perfect time of the year to be out in the countryside  and along our stunning coast.

We have just received some wonderful photographs taken by a guest, at High Barn last week.  I asked for her permission to publish them and she very kindly agreed to having them posted on our website.  I think they give prospective visitors an idea  of the natural settings around our buildings, both at High Barn and at Field House.

We really are blessed by being surrounded by the most amazing variety of wildlife, as Jane Hewitt’s pictures show.

We have a resident Barn Owl pair at High Barn  who have a clutch of two owlets this year. The adult birds can be seen regularly flying in and out of their nest, feeding the chicks. Visitors staying at High Barn have 24/7 webcam in each cottage, focussed inside the nest, which provides a fascinating insight into the growth of the chicks. Other regular sightings of birds are; skylarks, kestrels, woodpeckers, pied wagtails, pheasant, partridge, sparrow, blackbirds, yellow hammer, wrens – the list goes on.

Our wildflower sites

Scattered around both cottage sites we have established wildflower areas and two large ponds, both of which encourage and sustain bees, butterflies and the indigenous wildlife.

Wildlife at Flamborough Head

Then, just a stone’s throw from our cottages are numerous beaches and clifftops where all aspects of the natural world will entrance you –  Bempton CliffsDanes Dyke , South Landing  and Flamborough Head