Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation Terms 

1.1   We endeavour to be reasonable, flexible and fair when apportioning possible refunds in the event of a cancellation. We consider a booking to be a contract between ourselves and the leading guest.

1.2  When taking a booking, we, for our part, reserve and make a property and associated facilities available on the leading guest’s chosen dates and when the payment of the deposit is made and subsequently confirmed by us, this then, secures the booking.

1.3  To discourage bookings that are not thought through and that might otherwise fill our availability chart, we charge a deposit of 25% of the total cost.

2. Cancellation by You

2.1 If the guest is obliged to cancel, we ask that they contact us in writing as soon as possible and we will immediately open the booking to the public and thus maximise the chance of recouping the loss.

2.2 In the event of a re-let, we will refund all the new income less a £25.00 admin fee. The new income is not bound to match the original fee, if only part of the period was sold or if a discount was used to attract custom.

2.3 Any refund will be given according to the terms below:

3. The Period of Notice

3.1 If the cancellation is made more than 90 days before the start of your stay, we will offer you a full refund less the £25.00 admin fee.

3.2 If the cancellation is made between 61-90 days before the start of the break, ie, before the balance is due, then we will retain the deposit. If we re-let, we will return your deposit, less a £25.00 admin fee.

3.3.  If the cancellation is made on or, within,  60 days from the start of the holiday, we will retain the full amount.  If we manage to re-let, we will return all monies raised less a £25 admin fee.

3.4 In all cases of cancellation, the property will be opened immediately to a potential new booking but, clearly, the longer notice we have, the better the chance of reletting and thus returning monies.

4. The Time of the Year 

4.1 A booking made for a peak holiday period which is then cancelled at short notice will, almost certainly, have cost us the value of that slot. By booking a slot, the cancelling guest has obliged us to prevent any other person booking that period and so we feel justified in retaining fees that we would have otherwise had.

4.2 However, for a booking made and then cancelled for an out of season slot, for example a booking made for a family gathering in mid-January at the coast, often might mean that we are able to be more flexible.

5. Cancellation by Us (ie Circumstances on site beyond the control of the owner) 

5.1 If Heritage Escapes is obliged to cancel a booking, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will make a full refund or try to find equivalent alternative accommodation, alternative dates, or a mixture of both.

5.2 Apart from Covid restrictions, this has never happened in over 35 years of operation, but it is possible to see how a cottage might be rendered unfit for use at short notice due to some event such as fire, flood accident or breakdown.

5.3 If we have to terminate your holiday early for the above reasons you will be relocated/credited/refunded part of the booking fee value based on the time remaining of the booking.

5.4 This will be the full extent of the liability of the Owners.  No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable.

6. Travel Insurance 

6.1 It is the responsibility of the Guest to acquire suitable travel insurance, including Cancellation and Curtailment Protection Insurance.

6.2 Heritage Escapes, strongly recommends that the Guest acquires suitable insurance.

There are several suitable options available from organisations which include cover for COVID related cancellation,  perhaps  looking  at comparison sites like or  might be helpful.