Our 5 Beautiful Baby Barn Owls

Five Beautiful Baby Barn Owls

A peak inside the Barn Owls’ nest box.

Beautiful baby Barn Owls streamed into your cottage at High Barn Heritage Escapes.  We thought you might like  a chance to view this years’ clutch of owlets thriving inside their home at High Barn.  They are growing rapidly, as there is a plentiful food supply in the surrounding wild-flower meadow, woodland and fields.  In a few weeks time they will be fully grown and will fledge.

Around ten years ago, whilst converting our redundant Victorian farm buildings into the five luxury holiday cottages that you will find  there today, we positioned a camera inside a purpose-built nesting box that we sited at High Barn.  From the beginning of this project we  had hoped to establish a nesting site, and, with this in mind, we were  given invaluable help and advice from the Barn Owl Trust

Our  pair of Barn Owls  consider  High Barn to be their home and are virtually permanent residents, having returned to the nest box in the eaves of High Barn for many years.   After each brood hatches the parents sometimes leave the nest for a few weeks but, happily, they always return. Our hope is that we will continue to be home to these beautiful Barn Owls  and that their yearly breeding will continue to swell the Barn Owl population in East Yorkshire.