Springtime on the Yorkshire Coast

Springtime on the Yorkshire Coast at Heritage Escapes

Wonderful springtime weather in Early March


We’ve been lucky to experience a spell of glorious weather over the last few weeks, with blue skies & brilliant sunshine. For the first time in years we’ve managed to prepare the fields in warm, dry conditions and drill all the Spring crops into smooth & even seedbeds. This gives the crops the best start possible and minimises work that needs to be done later in the year – It makes a nice change from puddling around in mud and cursing the inclement Northern weather as it confines us to the farmhouse.

Springtime Lambs at Heritage Escapes, Field House

Lambing season is in full flow & a small number of the flock that graze on the clifftop land have moved to the farm. Nothing signals the advent of Spring more than newly born lambs and the novelty of seeing them for the first time never seems to wear off, although Harry & Jack’s attempts to chase one down to cuddle it have all ended in disappointment.

Springtime lambs Heritage Escapes

Lambs Heritage Escapes

Wildlife Spotting on the Yorkshire Coast

On our coastal walks

After hunkering down over Winter we’ve taken the opportunity to head out on our favourite walks in the surrounding area in our free time. The clifftop walk from Sewerby to Bridlington Harbour  always puts a spring in your step. It’s about three miles there and back.   If you get tired you can always take the land train for the return journey.  We have noticed how popular strolling along the seafront has become for ever- increasing numbers of visitors.  The wide promenade provides plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists, https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/leisure/countryside-and-walks/walking-riding-and-cycling/ coupled with a good selection of coffee-stops where you can sit down, relax and watch the world go by.

James and John took a morning away from the farm to walk with a couple of friends  from the clifftops nearby at Sewerby https://www.sewerbyhall.co.uk/ to the lighthouse at Flamborough.

They were absolutely delighted to see a large colony of seals making the most of the low tide and the warm weather to do a spot of sunbathing!

On our land around the cottages

Our pond at High Barn is full of frogspawn, pied wagtails have returned to the courtyard, pheasants  strut across our lawn each morning to graze seed spilled by the hungry great tits, blue tits and sparrows all scrambling for position on or beneath the bird feeders. I heard woodpeckers drilling this week and tawny owls calling across the tree tops. At High Barn the Barn Owls have survived the winter and will soon be mating, ready for their new clutch of eggs a couple of months hence. All we need now is the return of the swallows, who fly in from mid April onwards and bring with them the promise of summer.https://www.heritage-escapes.co.uk/

We know how lucky we are to be surrounded by so much lovely countryside, fresh air, a stunning coastline and abundant native wildlife and we’re hoping, as always, to share our surroundings  with you during the course of 2022.