Wildlife on our doorstep

          Wildlife from sea and shore. Nature all around us.


The Sea, Coast and Countryside – we are surrounded by nature

No matter what the season, there are always sightings and signs of wildlife  in the fields, hedgerows, trees, skies, beaches  and seas close by our cottages, both at High Barn  and at Field House   We can pretty much guarantee you will be sure to spot something unexpected.  This Autumn the skies have been full of skeins of migrating geese, forming their unmistakeable V grouping and honking noisily as they fly to their winter homes. You can’t ignore them – they make such a noise!

Flamborough Headland and Bempton Cliffs

Just up the road, less than two miles away, Seabird City at Bempton Cliffs is a major attraction  throughout the year. In Spring and early  Summer most visitors come to see the puffins and gannets, but at quieter times in Autumn and Winter  there is just as much to see with the viewing of the passage of hundred of migratory birds.  At the foot of the cliffs in Flamborough you’ll  look down on an established colony of seals, which is expanding every year.

Flamborough Seal Colony

Flamborough Seal Colony

East Yorkshire -Farming, Fishing  and Family Holidays

On our farmland, as custodians of our acres, we take great care to make room for wildlife, alongside our arable farming operations. Over the years we have established several  successful wildlife ponds, planted hedges and trees,  and ensured our Barn Owl population has become fully established and  continues to thrive.  Tawny Owls inhabit the woodland around the tractor sheds and can be heard hooting most evenings.

Luckily for all of us, East Yorkshire remains an unspoilt, rural county and as a result retains an amazing wildlife population.

Areas of the North Sea from Sewerby and around the headland have protected  ‘No Take’ status, so marine life can flourish beneath the water.

David Attenborough, in his recent series Wild Isles, has drawn attention to the proliferation of nature here in Britain on our doorstep. Programmes  such as his and others, like Countryfile, encourage us all to nurture and care for our surroundings.