Celebrations, Christmas and Covid19

Celebrations, Christmas & Covid

Our plans for celebrations at Christmas time!

With Covid 19 still with us and  just over 10 days to go before Christmas 2020, we were hoping that it would still be a time of celebration and joy for our holiday visitors. Between 22nd -27th December we were told we were allowed to be open. Each cottage had been prepared to give a Christmassy feel and we were ready to ensure that our guests would be  be socially distanced, safe, warm and comfortable. How circumstances changed in the space of 24 hours!

We learned on Saturday 19th that  East Yorkshire was to remain in Tier 3 , and so our properties on the coast were denied the promised Christmas window . The apartments in York  Old Brewery remain in Tier 2 for now. This means that  at present they can on be occupied by visitors from Tier 2 or Tier 1.  

log burner

Log burner in cottage Heritage Escapes

How we got ready for Christmas before our hopes were dashed.

Following the Autumn half term and the second lockdown our full time staff, Fiona and Tilly have operated on a part furlough, part working basis. They have returned this December to work their magic in the cottages and have spent much of their time retrieving Christmas decorations from our loft and ‘trimming up’ the cottages that are booked. Our outdoor sycamore tree at High Barn now lights up at night throughout the year and the Christmas tree in The Spinney  can be seen from the road, glittering through the woodland trees. At Field House  the tree in The Roost  shines into the courtyard, which is also lit by permanent outdoor strings of light.


Christmas decorations on the tree

Colourful Christmas decorations

We won’t be seeing our relatives this Christmas. As a family, we decided to postpone our usual  family get together in the farmhouse until larger gatherings are allowed.  Lucy and her family will stay at home, as will James, SJ and their boys.  Our sisters, their dogs, nieces, great nieces and nephews will all  journey to the farm no doubt, some time in 2021 and we look forward to that.

We know we are fortunate here to have so much outdoor space  to enjoy  and the beautiful coast is at its most spectacular in the winter months. When our visitors are once again allowed to return, whatever the season, they’ll find fresh air, new horizons and a change of scenery that is  guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.

Everyone here at Heritage Escapes sends you our warmest wishes for Christmas  and our sincere hope that you will stay safe and well throughout 2021.