Why we have chosen Heritage Escapes as our new name

Field House Farm Cottages

Over the last twenty plus years or so, we have evolved as both a business and a family. We now have 15 properties on our three sites, two of which are on the family farm just outside Bridlington, East Yorkshire and one in York’s city centre. When we (John and Angela) started the business by converting our first barn into holiday cottages, it soon became apparent that Field House Farm Cottages needed a website,  and that is just what we set up.

High Barn Cottages

York Old Brewery Apartments

Then along came High Barn Cottages, just up the road about 500 metres from our home, so we set up another website. This was then followed by us venturing into apartments in York, with the help of James (our son) who was now working on the farm and in the holiday business. This meant York Old Brewery also gained a website, meaning three times the work and updating all the time.

When we began our holiday business, social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram had not even been invented, so we were quite happy with our websites and email. But then during the last decade, the explosion of personal technologies and the rate at which things have developed, has really meant that we needed to overhaul our systems and update some of our ways of working.

We have taken advice and done lots of listening, but finally we all decided that we needed to re-brand all our sites, to give ourselves one overall name.

Heritage Escapes

Heritage Escapes is the name we chose and we hope it is a name our previous guests, those who return regularly and those who visit in the future, will all approve of.  We wanted something to reflect our own farming heritage. The Foster family have farmed at Field House, Sewerby for well over 100 years and long may that continue. We also wanted to give the impression that our guests are able to escape to somwhere that creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Heritage Escapes Website

Heritage Escapes Website Homepage

So now, as we move into the next decade, we are now hoping that we can market all our properties more easily rather than having to do everything three times over  as we now just have one  website 

As you can imagine, small family  teams like ours, need to be able to use all the available tools to help them continue to operate successfully. So we are asking everyone to check out our new digital profiles. We have hopefully made it easy for you, by creating  links for you, just click on the different platform names and these will take you straight to our accounts on  FacebookInstagram and Twitter  (which we are also hoping will make our lives a little easier to manage!)

If you are able to, please  “like” “follow” or “share” our pages as we would love to get our pages noticed by many more people.

With our thanks for taking the time to read this and we are looking forward to having you come to stay at one of our properities at some time in the future.

John, Angela and James Foster 

Heritage Escapes