EV Charging at at our Yorkshire Holiday Cottages

EV Charging at our East Yorkshire Holiday Cottages

EV Charging

EV Charging

EV charging has been made easy for visitors staying at our Yorkshire holiday cottages on the East Yorkshire Coast.  Here at Heritage Escapes we provide three 7kw charging points at Field House Farm and one 7kw charging point at High Barn.

The number of people driving electric or hybrid vehicles has shown a huge increase since we installed our first EV charger in 2018 and it is pleasing  to know that having the chargers on site provides a real service to many of our visitors. All  guests can use these four chargers, which are a shared facility between the twelve cottages. We make a modest charge for use of this service.  Our terms and conditions  for use of this facility can be found on our website page, EV Charging

We were advised  to connect with Zap Map which  allows electric vehicle owners to plot their journeys in the UK  and is mostly for commercial charging points, but also includes privates businesses such as ours. East Yorkshire remains very rural , so knowing the available EV network in and around the area is helpful. Visitors like to  be reassured that they are near to a convenient charging station on their holiday travels  Zap Map

Sledmere car rally

So, whilst we might all admire beautiful veteran cars such as the one above, the future of motoring looks like being electric. Fossil fuels will be used less and less and the days of petrol driven vehicles are probably numbered.